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Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info on newborn kittens that will be available for adoption .


For those of you who have adopted a Purrpals Kitten, please sign our guest book and tell people about your new family member. It will give potential families an idea of what it is like to add a Purrpals kitten to their family.

Thank you very much!

Christee Prout


Please note:

All kittens come with a full written health guarantee, first vaccinations and a free vet exam at a local veterinarian who specializes in all varieties of persians. All of our adults have tested negative for PKD.

Himalayan sold as family pets start at $500-$800, Colorpoint Exotic pets are $1000 and up, other color Exotic pets are $600-$1000. Pet kittens are to be spayed or neutered prior to their first birthday and be kept in indoor only homes. Email us for current photos of available kittens.

If you are interested in a show quality kitten from Purrpals, please write and tell us about yourself, your breeding or show experience, goals, location you live and show in, what organization(s) you show in or plan to show in, etc. Kittens & cats sold for breeding and show are $2500 and up.

We are currently taking reservations for our 2011 litters! Place your reservation early as we have a very limited number of kittens each year.