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Last Update 2021, October 21

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Exotic - Male - Flame Lynx Point 

Sire: GC Purrpals Victory of Laureden

Dam: GC, RW Laureden's Inspiration of Purrpals



Exotic - Male - Blue Point

Sire: GC, RW, Jetset Tennessee Walker of Purrpals
Dam: GC, RW, Laureden Inspiration of Purrpals


Blue point male Exotic with a highly sought after trait.
Andalusian has a PURE WHITE Body Coat with NO SHADING.
We're looking forward to the future and improving the quality of
colorpoint Exotics by producing show kittens with snowy white
coats in ALL point colors!

Read more: Champion Purrpals Andalusian

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Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info on newborn kittens that will be available for adoption .


For those of you who have adopted a Purrpals Kitten, please sign our guest book and tell people about your new family member. It will give potential families an idea of what it is like to add a Purrpals kitten to their family.

Thank you very much!

Christee Prout



Available now!


We have Exotic kittens available for adoption as family pets to approved homes.

Watch for new photos soon!!!!


We have kittens ready for adoption TODAY
and younger kittens available for reservation.



New Arrivals

PURRPALS is currently adopting several outcross Exotic kittens
from some of the BEST EXOTIC BREEDERS in the WORLD.
New Arrivals
Marins Half n Half of Purrpals

D'Eden Lover Giselle of Purrpals

Latin Lover Black Magic of Purrpals